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Joe and Paula Taking a Break during Bottling

"The parallel between Park City and Napa Valley is the environment. People in the agricultural business are a hard-working bunch that praise and curse Mother Nature for her strength and humbling affects. There is a feeling of strong community when you are in an area that is based on agriculture - a sharing of all of life's issues, good or bad, and a humbling of the human ego." - Paula Sargetakis

Joe and Paula Sargetakis

For Joe and Paula, being part of Parallel Wines is simply an extension of their more than 20-year love affair with wine. The warmth and energy of Joe's Greek heritage, and the couple's commitment to family, friends, the environment and their community is reflected in every bottle of Parallel.

Married for 23 years, Joe and Paula were raised to appreciate everything around them. This included not just the Utah mountains and trees, but also the arts and humanities. With their success in brokerage and investment management, ranching, real estate and land development, (respectively), they have been actively giving back through non-profit organizations dedicated to the environment, history, children and education. Paula is the Board Chair of the Rowland Hall St. Marks School, Joe is the former Board Chair of the Ronald McDonald House, and they support Utah Museum of Natural History, Health Science Education Council the Norwegian Outdoor School and many other worthy organizations.

One of their most substantial contributions came when the family decided to take part of the ranch property, just outside Park City, and establish what came to be a nature preserve. The ranch had been a part of Paula's family since she was 3 years old. What started at 300 acres has grown to the more than 1,200-acre Swaner Nature Preserve. Paula served as the Preserve's Executive Director until 2001, was Board Chair until 2004.

Reflecting on the Parallel partnership group, Paula believes "we are all so different in many ways, yet there are lines that connect all of us through our support of community, our love of good food, good wine, good friends, fun and travel. We have used our own hands (literally gotten them dirty), brains, and spirit to create a wine that will augment someone's experiences with their good friends and good food because in someway they will feel our spirit, joy and fervor as they enjoy the wine."

"We are all part of a community and that community will not be healthy unless we all participate in its needs," she says. "One person can make a difference but it truly takes the perspective of many to fulfill all the needs of our immediate environment as well as keeping a global perspective."
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