Mike and Toni Doilney

"We and our Parallel Partners are all entrepreneurs and risk-takers. Today, we are successfully channeling our effort and talent to produce and market a beautiful wine - Parallel. With Parallel, we are fulfilling our dreams. It's amazing - there is nothing like the anticipation of each new day. For us, involvement in an exciting project like this generates more energy than it consumes. That's what Parallel is about. It's a complete experience, literally from the ground up. The fact that it took so much time and effort to finally create a glass of Parallel, the fact that it is difficult, the fact that it draws on all of our talents, the fact that the whole experience is shared with friends, is the reward. And we've been involved with it from the planting of the first vine to the first sip that our friends, customers, and we enjoy with each new vintage. It is a very pure kind of reward for us.  All of the Parallel Partners continue to bring their enthusiasm and commitment to Parallel and Napa Valley. We are worked to develop wines that reflect the best that the climate and soil can offer, and we are forever rooted in this community.

We feel very lucky to have enjoyed 10 years of our lives living and working in Napa Valley... a community of people who share interest in the natural beauty of the land, the architecture and art that complement the valley, and the high quality of its indigenous food and wine.  

Our 2003 move to St. Helena, much like our move in 1973 from Washington, DC to Park City, was simply the start of a new adventure."

Like the rest of the Parallel partnership group, as a young couple, with two young children, Jake and Essie, they came to Park City filled with energy and enthusiasm. They had met during college while working in a restaurant. It was their dream to open their own restaurant in the tiny silver mining ski resort town. As Park City grew, Mike and Toni became involved in its growth... selling real estate, constructing buildings in its Historic District, developing land, starting and managing a variety of retail businesses, and becoming involved in all aspects of their community life. In 2013, Toni and Mike made another move, this time to the majestic landscape of Southern Utah, where Toni is continuing her art career and Mike is in the real estate business.

"For us, involvement in an exciting project like Parallel generates more energy than it consumes. That's what Parallel is about. It's a complete experience, literally from the ground up. It is “deja vu”. The feelings we had 40 years ago as a young couple moving to and growing with Park City replayed for us in St Helena over our 10 years living and working there. We truly loved our time living in Napa Valley but miss Park City. We are now on a new adventure in the Southern Utah Desert, where Toni continues to paint everyday supplying galleries around the country with her latest work; and where Mike has re-entered the real estate business” - Mike and Toni Doilney